loobies's story libertine dress indigo multi

Libertine Dress from Loobies Story is a floaty dress with a silk blend and sheer yore sleeves. The flounce hemline and button-up ruffle neckline ass some beautiful detailing.
  • Flounce hemline
  • Button up ruffle neckline
  • Shoulder to front hem approx. 117cm - Size 14
  • Shoulder to back hem approx. 127cm
  • Across bust approx. 53cm
  • Content: 62% Silk 29% Viscose 9% Spandex / 100% Viscose
  • Care: Hand wash according to instructions. Avoid post wash regrets - always check the label
  • Viscose shrinks with washing and needs to be steamed back into shape or steam ironed while slightly damp - if you can't be bothered doing this buy up a size!

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